Pipetting Robot

CLS-6 Pipetting Robot is a multi-functional high-precision micro-pipetting robot, fine appearance, simple operation, cost-effective, good repeatability, to avoid artificial errors, reduce adding liquid error, is ideal partner for liquid micro-processing .Applications : packaging for vitro diagnostic reagents standards, quality control and others; enzyme-linked immunization project pre-treatment, gene sequencing, PCR pretreatment reagent separation; protein analysis, infectious disease items, cell analysis and other liquid pre-treatment . Exclusive product can be customized according to customer needs.

1. Module standardization, wide application
2. Simple humanization operation, visual layout, free editing action
3. Positioning accuracy, good repeatability, to prevent leakage and wrong adding.
4. Can achieve one suction and multi-point dispensing and one suction and single point dispensing.
5. After the program is edited, the instrument will automatically complete the operation
6. To achieve the liberation of artificial, the liberation of both hands
7. The instrument has a number of sensitive and alarm function, to achieve all-round monitoring

Function parameter
Module: Reagent Bit, Reaction (Dosing) Module Bit, Tip Head, Abandoned Position (Available according to customer’s reagent requirements)
Tip: automatic suction and take off tip head
Dilution: The instrument can edit the dilution function according to the specific requirements
Absorbent: The liquid position and quantity of the user can be freely edited
Mixing: the instrument automatically sucks the blowing, user independent editing the number of holes and the number of blows
Dispensing: suction one time and dispense several times or suction one time and dispense one time,and so on
Discharge waste liquid: the instrument can automatically discharge waste, users can freely edit the location and the amount of suction
Project Editors: Users are free to edit common items, new projects, the operation of the project action and action location, time can also be free to arrange
Measuring Range: the maximum liquid absorption is 1000ul, the minimum liquid absorption is1ul.