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Simply put, PCR is the use of DNA polymerase to make large-scale synthesis of specific genes in vitro basically it is the use of specific DNA polymerase chain replication. The most commonly used technique, can be a period of gene replication of the original 10 billion to 100 billion times. According to the standard purpose of DNA amplification and detection, can be divided into ordinary PCR instrument PCR instrument, gradient PCR, in situ PCR, real-time PCR instrument four categories.

Higher homogeneity
Well-designed to ensure temperature uniformity
1. The patented technology – a non-uniform annular auxiliary heating system: to ensure maximum temperature homogeneity of the sample
2. The combination of copper and aluminum radiator: to provide a more effective guarantee to
the temperature uniformity
3. Built-in 80 and 40 stacked washer-shaped shrapnel: Make sure during the heating and cooling process, the heat sink and Peltier has been linked closely

More stable
Carefully selected, long-term stability
1. Peltier: United States Laird Technologies products, to ensure the stability of heating and cooling
2. Power: keep use more than 2,000 sets of zero rework and high-quality power of the one generation of Dongsheng ,the high-end products of Japanese company TDK, with high stability, more suitable for China’s electrical environment
3. press box: the use of special engineering plastics, heat distortion temperature greater than 260 ℃, anti-corrosion, anti-fatigue, ensure long-term stable operation of the instrument

More durable
Detailed design, moisture and dust proof
1. resistant to moisture: multiple use sealants, seals such ad sample tank, thermal cover, to prevent water condensation intruding inside the instrument.
2. Dust proof: closed power modules and transformers, and instrument board coated high-quality protection paint, will cover all electronic components and cured sealed to prevent a short circuit of the board components due to fouling and other causes.

Mute feelings
Ultra-quiet design, perfect noise reduction
1. Unique air duct design: the front lower air intake and rear wind output, cold and hot air completely separate, non-hybrid, lower fan operating noise.
2. The infinitely variable fan: cooling fan with automatic speed control to change with different temperatures of the radiator , to ensure stability and reduce noise.

User-friendly design
Easy to set up, easy to operate
1.7 inch wide view touchscreen, meet your finger demand: SCM programs smoothly , fast, efficient and stable control of the operation;
2. User-friendly design: can set the programs with no need to take off the finger cot; each instrument  with 36 folders, each folder has 36 files, neatly arranged, only storage.
3. One-step hot lid open, let things be easy : turn one/off, hot lid, unlock, lock ,the autoclave cover and close the cover, finish in one step; using laptop damping axis confirm feel good, hot lid securely.

Cordial appearance
High-quality design, love at first sight
1. Line styling: sleek lines, smooth writing
2. Color: space metallic gray, calm atmosphere
3. Respiratory lamp: high brightness LED, etc.
4. Switch Handle: special painting process, more metallic feel


Control mode Standard mode, two alternative economic model
Number of samples 96 × 0.2ml PCR tubes, 12 × 8-tube or 96-well PCR plate
temperature range 0-105 ℃
Hot lid temperature 30-110 ℃
Display Accuracy 0.1 ℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃@55℃
Temperature uniformity <0.3℃@55℃
Maximum temperature change rate 5 ℃ / s
Temperature gradient Have
Gradient range 30-105 ℃
Gradient Span 1-42 ℃
Screen Size 7 inches 800 * 480 LED-backlit 64K color
Touch screen operation Have
The number of procedures 1296
Password protection program Have
Power-off protection There are (no time limit)
net weight 9.5Kg
Dimensions (HxDxW) 21.9 x 43.3 x 28.2 cm
Input voltage AC 220V (± 10%) 50 / 60Hz