Light absorption Full wavelength microplate reader

CLG-Max 2300A2 type light absorbing full wavelength microplate reader is grating microplate reader system developed by our company, mainly used to replace the US company Thermo Multiskan GO like all wavelengths reader, mainly for small life sciences laboratory and drug screening laboratory, compared with conventional spectrophotometers methods ,it improves the efficiency of analytical work, save a lot of manpower and resources.
CLG-Max 2300A2 type light absorbing full wavelength microplate reader has similar performance with the US company Thermo Multiskan GO full wavelength reader at source, detector, Incubation town board system, control workstation software .It is powerful and cost-effective and is an ideal choice for our  biochemical laboratories.

CLG-Max 2300A2 type light absorbing full wavelength microplate reader
1, using grating monochromator, the freedom to choose the wavelength selective filter is superior microplate reader;
2, the use of flashing xenon light source, a continuous spectrum, the light source powerful, wide measuring range;
3, using a standard micro cuvettes and cuvette conventional spectrophotometric detection, no additional purchase of a spectrophotometer;
4, the use of full-wave detector can be scanned in full-spectrum between 190-1100 nm;
5, Advanced Micro Devices compatible than cup color and ultra trace detection plate, perform ultra trace spectrophotometric analysis, saving valuable sample;
6, stored the protein, DNA / RNA quantitative analysis method, the equivalent of life sciences dedicated spectrophotometer;
7, having a bacterial count and the melting temperature prediction function, the kinetic parameters ΔH, ΔS, ΔG;
8, can be detected in the sample 6,24,96,384 well microplates can be used by different manufacturers microplates;
9, microplate absorbance of the sample can be corrected to a standard cuvette absorbance readings;
10, with an incubation function, accurate uniform heating, for temperature-sensitive detector;
11, with mixing shock features that make microplate sample is kept uniform;
12, inside the instrument with a reference light path, and can be obtained under different conditions to ensure stable detection results;
13, you can use a dedicated high-speed multi-cuvette analysis component, high-speed analysis;
14, high frequency sampling, sampling dynamics up to 50 times / s;
15, has a fast reading capability, we can finish within 96 seconds of reading;
16, with a USB data interfaces for instrument control and experimental data;
17, it has a high performance workstation software, with curve fitting, quantitative analysis, custom equations and other data analysis;
18, analysis of data can be exported to EXCEL, JPEG, PDF files, data recording and sharing;
19, has a self-test function to ensure stable and reliable operation of the instrument;
20, the end of support, kinetic analysis and multi-wavelength analysis, full-spectrum scan measurement functions;
21, operation of the instruments are computer software program control, unattended operation, saving a lot of manpower;
22, workstations Chinese interface, ease of use, in line with Chinese habits;
23, can be user management, sample management, management analysis conditions, can be connected to LIMS information systems;
24, the instrument panel can be used, tablet, laptop, desktop computer control, with a variety of options;
25, the instrument can be used with automated pipetting, automatic plate shifting system integration, to achieve automation of analysis;
26, with the average multi-point detection technique, a good sample to overcome the unevenness of detection are not allowed to bring the issue;
27, can be equipped with barcode scanner assembly, sample management information into the LIMS test system;
28, to provide electronic signatures in support of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements;
29, support for 3Q certification;
30, in line with GMP / GLP requirements;

CLG-Max 2300A2-type components
1, the host (including a detector, a light source, a beam system);
2, CLG-pro2000 microplate analysis software
3, incubation assembly (optional);
4, vibration plate assembly (optional);
5, the standard cuvette base assembly (optional);
6, ultra trace detection board assembly (optional);
7, more high-speed analysis cuvette assembly (optional);
8, SP-300 multi-channel pipetting platform (optional);
9, microplate mobile manipulator (optional);
10, microplate image analysis system (optional);
11, bar code scanning system (optional);
12,3Q certification service pack (optional);
13,8 channel electronic pipettes (optional);
14,8-channel pipetting position marker (optional);
15, UV cuvette package (optional);
16 independent vibration plate was incubated meter (optional);
17, bacteria count and the melting temperature forecasting software package (optional);
CLG-Max 2300A2 type parameters
1, wavelength range: 200 ~ 850nm;
2, wavelength selection: grating monochromator, 1.0nm step;
3, the wavelength of the bandwidth: 2nm;
4, wavelength accuracy: less than 0.2nm;
5, the reading range: 0 ~ 4.0Abs;
6 Incubate range: RT + 1 ℃ ~ 65 ℃;
7, the sampling frequency: 50 times / s;
8, linear range: 0 ~ 2.5Abs;
9, precision: CV <0.5% (precision mode);
10, power supply: 100 ~ 240V, 50-60HZ;

CLG-Max 2300A2 type application
1, DNA / RNA quantitation and purity analysis;
2, protein quantitation and purity analysis;
3, activity detection;
4, dynamic detection;
5, ELISA detection;
6, cell proliferation and cell toxicity testing;
7, apoptosis detection;
8, reporter gene assay;
9, GPCR detection;
10, Endotoxin LAL analysis;
11, bacterial microbial detection;
12, analysis of the drug is dissolved;