Microplate Washer Washing machine

Microplate Washer Washing machine, suitable for users of various specimens, to solve the troubles of filling holes and stripping, With microplate soaking and shock mixing function.

Microplate Washer Price/ Washing machine

Product introduction:

Microcomputer control completes the cleaning of 48-well and 96-well microplates in various enzyme-free, time-resolved, and chemiluminescent laboratories. Widely used in hospital diagnostic laboratories, disease prevention and control institutions, inspection and quarantine institutions, animal husbandry and veterinary disease systems, biotechnology research units, food processing, environmental science, agricultural research and other units.

1. Wash the plate cleanly, the residual amount is less than 0.7ul, no need to make a board;

2. Suitable for users of various specimens, to solve the troubles of filling holes and stripping;

3. With microplate soaking and shock mixing function;

4. Microplate suspension cleaning technology to avoid bottom pollution;

5. The double washing of the washing liquid, the pipe distilled water is automatically washed, and the blocking rate is extremely low.

Microplate Washer Price/ Washing machine

CLW812 washing machine main technical parameters

1. Applicable to various types of enzyme standard plates Flat bottom plate, V-shaped bottom plate, U-shaped bottom plate, round bottom plate (both 96 holes and 48 holes)

2. Average residual amount of cleaning solution: <0.7ul/hole

3, injection accuracy: 96-hole liquid addition error CV less than 1.5%

4, cleaning head 8 channels and 12 channels

5, the number of cleaning 1 ~ 999 times adjustable

6, the number of cleaning 1 to 12 rows are optional, quickly selected and indicated by the keyboard

7, cleaning method plate or strip

8, the amount of cleaning solution added 50 ~ 950μl / per hole, interval 50μl adjustable (can be extended to 0 ~ 6000ul / hole, interval 25ul adjustable)

Microplate Washer Washing machine

9. Infusion channel: 3 (2 kinds of washing liquid and 1 kind of distilled water, can be expanded to 5 kinds)

10, washing mode: 3 kinds, soaking, shock plate and shock bubble

11, mode time: 0 – 999 seconds / minute / hour adjustable

12, aspiration time: 0.1 – 99.9 seconds adjustable, 0.1 second interval

13, flushing pipeline time: 0 – 240 seconds adjustable

14, distilled water automatic flushing interval: 0 – 20 seconds plate

15, cleaning needle position parameters: five (horizontal, left, center, right, bottom) adjustable

CLW960 washing machine main technical parameters

1. Washing head structure design: 96 injection needles can be controlled, 8 controls and 12 controls can be converted in the same machine (ie 8-hole strip and 12-hole strip can be replaced by changing the cleaning head), 96 aspirating needles Synchronous control

2, with two points positioning liquid absorption function, the residual amount of each hole <1μl, to ensure clean and thorough;

3, secondary liquid splitting technology to ensure the amount of liquid added between 96 holes CV <1.5%

4, cleaning times: 1-99 times adjustable

5, the number of cleaning: the whole board or 1-12 can be arbitrarily combined, keyboard selection control and indication

6. Cleaning method: single board, double board or multiple boards

7, the amount of cleaning solution: 50-950μl / hole adjustable, 50μl interval

8, the washing speed is: 5 seconds / board / time

9, washing plate: A, B two

10, soaking or vibrating plate time: 0-999 seconds adjustable

11, the aspiration time is adjustable from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds, with an interval of 0.1 seconds

12. Each plate washing program and coating program independently store an enzyme plate shape size parameter

13, programmable 100 washing procedures and automatic storage, each washing program can edit the name of the experimental project