Automatic enzyme label washing machine

Automatic enzyme label washing machine, double tray integrated design, cleaning two enzyme label plates at the same time, the washing efficiency is high, the whole process is less than 20 seconds

Automatic enzyme label washing machine

Product introduction

1, Chinese menu, LCD display.

2, vertical washing method: the enzyme plate is tilted up 60 degrees to avoid liquid outflow, no pollution.

3, never block the hole, 96 single needle, single needle recoil, no suction needle.

4, built-in centrifugal device, the residual amount is zero, no need to manually draw the board.

5, double tray integrated design, cleaning two enzyme label plates at the same time, the washing efficiency is high, the whole process is less than 20 seconds

6, 7-inch color touch screen operation, user experience is good, convenient and fast, low failure rate

7. Tilting base, no water will accumulate at the bottom of the washing machine, and it can keep the inside of the washing machine dry and clean.

8, liquid addition angle: 60 degrees enzyme plate inverted suspension liquid, no cross-contamination

9, cleaning method: 24/48/72/96 hole adjustable, continuous layout, no interval

10, cleaning head: 96 needles, each nozzle can be disassembled independently, convenient to block.

11, the unique washing liquid distribution patent technology, to ensure that the amount of washing liquid is less in the case of cleaning.

12. The overall cast aluminum design of the centrifugal device has higher positioning accuracy, and the running stability and reliability are greatly improved.

13. The cleaning head carrier mechanism is designed and produced by ball guide method, with low running resistance and high precision.

14. The liquid running channel adopts non-stick liquid material throughout the whole process to avoid crystallization of the washing liquid and is durable.

15. Applicable plate type: horizontal and vertical row washing mode (8 holes / strip or 12 holes / strip arrangement).

16. Applicable hole type: flat bottom, round type, U type, V type

17, cleaning times: 1 ~ 999 times adjustable

18, the number of soaking: 1 ~ 999 times

19. Number of cleaning rows: 1-8 rows or 1-12 rows are adjustable, and the layout does not need to be spaced.

20, washing plate pressure: 0 ~ 9.9Kpa adjustable.

Automatic enzyme label washing machine

21, soaking time: 0s ~ 999s seconds adjustable.

22, cleaning time: 0s 0 ~ 999s seconds adjustable.

23, flushing time: 0 ~ 999 seconds adjustable

24, dehydration time: 0 ~ 999s seconds adjustable.

25, dehydration speed: 1200 ~ 2500rpm (± 10%).

26, injection position: 0 ~ 10.0mm continuously adjustable.

27, microporous liquid residual amount: less than 0.1ul / hole

28, the alarm prompts: the washing liquid and distilled water are insufficient alarm and stop working.

29, liquid bottle capacity: standard three 10 high-strength liquid bottles, optional 50-liter vats.

30. Open design: Fully open and transparent design, safe inspection of work cover, internal working conditions are clearly visible.


31, washing process: memory 100 sets of washing procedures, to meet a variety of washing requirements.

32, washing plate mode: a variety of washing mode, one-time washing and multiple cleaning methods,The washing speed of the disposable washing is less than 20 seconds.

33, liquid channel: three liquid channels, automatic switching.

34, liquid alarm: liquid shortage automatically alarms and stops working, all liquid bottles have alarm function

35. Cloth hole condition: the number of holes on the microplate is not enough to fill the hole, and the slats are not continuous without disassembling the plate.

36. Self-test: automatic detection at start-up, automatic flushing, automatic flushing of the shutdown program to ensure smooth flow of the liquid.

37. Safety device: With the safety device working, the cover machine automatically stops working and resumes work after closing.

38. Pause function: With pause and stop functions, it can pause or terminate the operation during the washing process.

39. Power: Power supply 110220V ±10%; 5060Hz ± 1 Hz, 500 VA.

40, working environment: ambient temperature 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C; relative humidity ≤ 80%

41. Dimensions: 51CM(L)*51CM(W)*43CM

42. Weight: 35 Kg