Chemiluminescence microplate reader machine/ Grating microplate spectrophotometer /Grating type ELIASA

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CLG-max 1800L main applications:
Luciferase Analysis
Dual Luciferase Analysis
Tyrosine Kinase Assays
Aequorin Ca2 + Analysis
dsDNA Analysis
Chemiluminescence analysis based ELISAs
ATP Detection
DNA probes
Microbiological analysis

CLG-max 1800L Features:
1, the use of photon counting photomultiplier tube, low noise, high sensitivity, up 8amol ATP / hole;
2, Wide dynamic range, span up to eight orders of magnitude;
3, accurate and reliable, automatic flushing syringe is optional;
4, can get accurate results for a variety of microtiter plates, such as flat bottom, round bottom, cone bottom, etc.;
5, powerful analysis software, fully meet the requirements for fast, slow, long time kinetic analysis
6,Maxmum can be added with up to 4 reagent injectors to adapt to a variety of detection;
7, has a unique optical trap system to prevent the optical signal crosstalk;
8, can detect various carriers: gel,, cuvette, microplate and others

CLG-max 1800L main parameters:
1, the wavelength range: 300nm-900nm;
2, Microplate Type: 96,384 hole;
3. Read Mode: End-point, double-read mode, dynamic, fast kinetics;
4, the degree of sensitivity: 8amol ATP / hole;
5, vibration plate method: linear, circular, cross shock;
6, temperature range: room temperature + 1 ℃ to 65 ℃;
7, detector: photon counting photomultiplier tubes;
8, detection time: 1ms ~ 1200s;
9, slab direction: horizontal and vertical slab ;
10, dispenser: 2;

CLG-max 1800L main components:
1, the host;
2, CLG-Pro1800L analysis software;
1, the dispenser 500µl -10000µl (Optional);
2, CLG-100-type vibration plate – incubation – Dosing all-in-one machine;
3, cuvette analysis component;